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Call for Participants

How did we receive our heritage as a free nation?

The purpose of Heritage Day is to answer this question and to recognize the origins of our freedoms and to pass that special knowledge on to the future generations that come after us. Will we accept that sacred mission?

You might ask: isn’t that teaching being done in schools and pop culture?

Probably not very well and in fact the history of our nation is being distorted and our culture is being changed into the opposite of its original design with the goal to destroy our values. At this time we must take the responsibility to preserve our cultural and spiritual values in order to pass them on to the next generations.

Heritage Day is planned with the goal of remembering that precious inheritance and sharing it with those who attend as guests. This event combines learning, entertainment and the arts to create an atmosphere which is enjoyable for the whole family with activities for every age. At this time we are in the early preparation stages so it is not possible to list every activity at this event.
The planning committee welcomes your input because your group or individual project or business will become the piece of a larger event which is successful because of the adherence to the purpose of celebration of our American cultural heritage. This is a family event and all participants should structure their exhibit to be safe but also to encourage friendly interaction with visitors. All conduct should be in good taste so that even Aunt Bee and Deputy Barney Fife would approve.
This is a rain or shine event with some activities planned for outdoor fun.

What is a 20/20 Vision Event?

The ability to see clearly without distortion or confusion is necessary for natural physical sight but also in the symbolic sense. This event encourages preparedness for the challenges of the new decade.

Guidelines for Participation and Application

This event will be held at the Cumberland County Community (Fairgrounds) Complex on Saturday, October 23, 2021 – It is open to the public 9am-4pm Central Time. Set-up time is from 7-8:45 am to ensure safe and orderly operation. All fees must be paid prior to October 15, 2021 for reservation of space. Applications should be submitted prior to the event by October 5, 2021. This event for participation is by invitation and application only. All applicants must state their purpose in participating as in harmony with the theme and intent of Heritage Day. Vendors are welcome but food items for sale must be approved prior to the event. This is not a flea market, yard sale or retail outlet although historical period items can be sold. Items that have profane or unseemly purposes are not welcome. This is an American event and only American national flags, state flags or historical flags are to be displayed.

Health precautions are to be observed.

This event is open to the public but alcohol, cannabis or other drugs are not allowed. Smoking is regulated by the Community Complex rules. SMOKING and VAPING are NOT permitted in buildings or in the vicinity of outdoor events. Pets are not allowed except for service dogs on a leash.
This event is funded with private funds and does not receive government or other public funds. Activities not in harmony with traditional moral values or civil behavior are not permitted.
This event seeks to honor Almighty God, our nation’s traditional values and those who have made contributions to the good and honorable society that we enjoy. Political, religious and cultural differences are part of our heritage and cordial interaction allows for dialogue at this event. Respect for other points of view are part of our traditional way of life. Freedom of speech is to be balanced with respect for those who have differences of opinion.
This event will have speakers of interest for those who believe in the values that helped to create our nation. They will be in a separate hall so as not to interfere with the general interactive atmosphere in the other main building where vendors and other participants are located.
Heritage Day is a not for profit venture although individuals and groups can sell and profit at the event. Monies collected as donations, fees or from sponsors are used to pay for the expenses for this event. This event will hopefully be an annual event and each yearly event is to be funded within that calendar year.
Contact rh@cumberlandhorizons.com or 931-788-6355 for more info


Event date is Saturday October 23, 2021

Facts to Note...

Application deadline October 5, 2021
Fees payable to reserve space due October 15, 2021
Fees vary according to the category of participant
Spaces are approximately 8 feet of frontage

Space Fees

Non-profit ministry or community group - $10
Vendor or other business - $20
Artists, Crafters and Artisans - $20
Additional adjacent space + $10
Exhibits for business purposes $20
Musicians, Reenactors, Entertainers are welcome free of charge
Please submit payment by check payable to Cumberland Horizons.
Sponsors: Companies or individuals are welcome to make donations.
Offsite businesses with advertising spaces are welcome with fee or donation.

The application and event info are available by download by clicking the button below. After downloading the app, please save it to your desktop, fill in the forms, print and mail to: Cumberland Horizons 3920 Blaylock Rd. Crossville, Tn 38572

Youth Contests

Art Poster

The goal is to Create a 11” x 17” or larger color picture that illustrates a phrase from one of the following songs:
My Country Tis of Thee, The Star Spangled Banner or God Bless America.

Please include the phrase words of the song in the artwork.

All works must be original, no copies.

Essay Contest

The goal here is to write a descriptive essay in 200 words or more that tells about the Judeo-Christian origins of our American nation. The essay should be should be all original writing with quoted sources if used. Parents can help with punctuation only. Bring a handwritten or typed copy and 2 extra copies for the judges to review.

Artwork and essays should be brought to the event Complex by 10am on October 23, 2021 to be eligible for judging. Items brought after that time may be ineligible for prize entry.

Prizes will be awarded for best entries in the 2 categories of Junior (Ages 8 and younger) & Senior (Ages 9 and older).

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